We Are Digital Content Experts Committed to Showcasing Your Institution’s Greatest Strengths Virtually

We Are Digital Content Experts Committed to Showcasing Your Institution’s Greatest Strengths Virtually


The current market relies heavily on the Internet for research/information and nobody understands this better than Xcalibur360. Being a specialist in the education industry, coupled with a solid foundation in digital marketing and content production, we know exactly what it takes to reach out to your prospective students. The combination of these expertise resulted to a marketing tool rarely seen online known as, Guided 360 Virtual Tours. These specially tailored virtual tours bring viewers on a dynamic and unique experience, be it on the computer or any mobile device.

Our Work

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
Guided Virtual Tour

Check out our latest guided virtual tour for Heriot-Watt University Malaysia; displaying its modern campus at Putrajaya and highlighting its global study opportunities, facilities and students culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a guided virtual tour cost estimated?2020-07-13T14:22:41+08:00

We estimate the cost of our client’s virtual tour based on the number of points and features they wish to cover.

How can my Prospective Students’ find my Virtual Tour?2020-07-15T16:14:54+08:00

As digital marketing experts, we make sure our clients achieve the maximum results from their guided virtual tour by assisting them with launching an effective digital campaign on multiple social media channels to maximize their reach and engagement. 

How can a 360 virtual tour help me collect leads?2020-07-13T14:06:04+08:00

Our virtual tours serve as a great marketing tool for clients to collect leads via a data collection welcome form and provides your prospect the avenue to submit inquiries by providing their details during the tour.

How many spaces can I highlight?2020-07-13T14:05:20+08:00

Our professional advice would be to feature the unique points in your campus/institution that would attract your prospects. You may choose to feature a maximum of 50 – 70 points and a minimum of 20 – 30 points, depending on the size of your campus/hospital. 

Are 360 Virtual tours similar to street view on Google maps?2020-07-13T14:04:52+08:00

No they are not. Our guided virtual tours deliver a immersive experience of your business space, powered by unique brand storytelling narrated by a virtual tour guide in multiple languages; attracting prospects to your brand.

Are you able to advise me on which space my campus should highlight?2020-07-15T16:15:49+08:00

As guided virtual tours experts we offer our clients advice on which spaces should be featured in their campus virtual tour to help make it more engaging and attractive to their prospective students.

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